Your Very Own OnlyFans Style Platform... Keep 100% of Your Income!

Ditch OnlyFans & Patreon and sell your content on your own platform.

Your Platform, Your Fans, Your Rules...

It’s your content, your hard work and your fans.

Keep 100% of Your Income

Don't give away 20% of your income. It's your content and they're your fans!

Get Paid Immediately

No more waiting 2 weeks to get paid. Your income gets paid into your bank account every day!

Your Own Rules!

It's your content and your hard work. Don't let a platform dictate their rules. Now you have your own platform, you can work by your own rules.

Your Own Domain Name

Have your own platform under your own www domain name and promote your own empire!

Promote Others or Just Yourself

Use the platform for your own content only OR let others monetize themsleves on your platform and generate income from their content as well.

It's Like OnlyFans Except It's Your Own Site!

Now you can have your own web platform that looks,  feels & works similar to Only Fans.

It’s your site. You keep 100% of your income. You make your own rules. You manage your site however you lile.

You Have Full Control Of Your Site

With your own Super Admin access you can set up your site to function the way you want it to work.

Income from Other Content Creators

OnlyFans makes money from you. You can offer a better deal and have other content creators on your site. You generate a percentage of their income.

Admin Manager

You can setup and control how your system works. 

You set your rates, your rules, your commissions, the look of your site… everything.

It’s your site so you call the shots!

You're in Full Control...

Your business – Your Content – Your Followers -Your rules!

Income from Membership Subscriptions

Generate income from your subscribers and keep 100% of your income.

Income From PPV

Make money from Pay Per View content, Tips, Subscriptions and more.

Set Your Own Rates

Set your subscription rates and commission percentage of other peoples content.

Grow Your Audience from referrals

Pay a percentage commission for people referring new users to your site.

Your Own Fans Platform

Trusted by Thousands of Users

Join the thousands of users who are enjoying complete control of their own content monetization platform.

Launch Your Own Content Monetization Platform for Just $129 a month

Plus once off setup of $297

Payment Provider Options


Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need any technical knowledge?

No. We set up your platform, maintain and update your platform. We look after the technical things and you look after your creative content.

How long does it take to have my platform running?

Allow up to 7 days to set up and customize your platform. Once it's set up we hand over control of your platform to you.

What are the fees involved?

$129 a month with a once off $297.
You'll also need subscription service for live streaming and push notifications however these are based on your usage and are very minimal.

Are there are lock in contracts?

No, you're on a month to month payment plan and you can cancel at any time.

Can I have my site on my own domain name?

Yes, you'll need your own domain name Eg:

What do I need to get started?

You'll need to register a domain name of your choice and have a logo. We need the domain name immediately but the logo can be added later when you're ready.
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