Launch Your Own Software Business with this White Label CRM, HR & Project Software

You should see what this Software can do... Create a massive monthly revenue stream with your own Software App under your Brand Name, your Logo & your Domain Name.
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Take a Look at What Your Software Suite Can Do...

Imagine receiving from $29, $49 to $97 every month per subscriber. 

Example: $49 per month, 1,000 subscribers... that's $49,000 a month!

Set Your own Subscription Levels, Monthly & Yearly Pricing

The Fusion Suite app offers a huge list of features for your subscribers.

You can create your own subscription levels and assign features for each  level as you wish.

You can set up your own monthly & yearly pricing options and even add a free plan to build your subscriber base.

white label crm

Manage All Areas of Any Business...

Fusion Suite is a complete management app for any business.

It gives back full control to the business management and saves a massive amount of time.

Fusion Suite includes a
> HR Management
> Project Management
> Task Management
> Lead Management,
> Finance
> Contracts
> Messaging,
> Support Ticket Management
> and so much more!

CRM - Customer Relationship Manager

Fusion Suite is one of the easiest CRM solutions to use. 

Most people are sick of the over complicated and expensive CRM apps on the market.

With Fusion Suite you can:
> Manage Leads
> Track Leads through
> Set up Sales Pipelines
> Set & Track Deals
> Manage Clients
> Enter & Manage Sales
> Manage Orders
> And so much more!

Project Management

Fusion Suite is the answer to properly managed Projects and Tasks that are completed on time.

> Create & Manage unlimited number of Projects.
> Assign Tasks, assign staff, assign clients.
> Provide login access for clients and keep them in the loop.
> Manage & track times staff work on each Task/Project.
>Track staff cost on each Task/Project.

Track Progress, Budgets, Milestones, Expenses and more.

Manage through Time Boards & Gnatt Charts.

Client Management

With Fusion Suits’ Client Management Features you can:

> Create & Manage Projects
> Create & Manage Invoices
> Create & Manage Estimates
> Create & Manage Credit Notes
> Assign & Manage Payments
> Manage Multiple Contacts
> Upload & Share Documents & Files
> Record Notes
> Enter & Manage Orders


Keep your staff & clients informed with a comprehensive Knowledgbase.

Limit articles to Staff only or for Clients only.

Make your articles easily found by organising them by Category.

Ticket Support System

Look after your clients with the most efficient service with the integrated Ticket Support system.

> Easy access from client area.
> Assign support agents into groups.
> Create & assign tickets to relevant groups.

Client Login Area

Your clients have their own login panel where they can access:

> Client Messaging with your team
> Place Orders
> Access to Invoices
> Quotes & Estimates
> Clients Project Info & Tracking
> Access Contracts
> Support Tickets

Translated Into 27 Languages

 Your White Label CRM is available for our subscribers in 27 different languages. This gives you a truly global market to attract subscribers.

You... The Next Software Entrepreneur!

Let’s you have 3 subscription levels with each high level providing access to more features.

You have $29, 49 & $97 a month.

You have 500 subscribers on $29 a month, 300 subscribers on $49 a month and 200 subscribers on $97 a month.

That’s $48,600 a month in income!

That’s from just 1k subscribers. What if you go for 2k, 3k or 5k subscribers! How will that income change your life… and lifestyle?

White Label CRM Software

This White Label CRM Software Business Can Change Your Life!

This is real life freedom. Work from wherever you want, whenever you want with your very own White Label CRM software business.

Recurring Revenue

Don't waste your time marketing single sale products. With Fusion Suite you get monthly recurring & ongoing income

Automatic Billing

Fusion Suite automatically handles all your monthly subscriber billing. You just watch the money rolling in month in, month out.

Low Entry Investment

Get started for just $197 a month plus a once off set up of $997. We'll hand you your system that's ready to attract new subscribers.

Low Breakeven Point

You can break even with just 2 to 7 monthly subscribers, depending on your pricing levels... after that it's all profit!

High Profit Margin

What's the difference between having 10, 100 or 1,000 subscribers? Your monthly cost is still just $197 a month.

Global Market

Your subscribers can select from 27 different languages. With a global market you'll never run out of potential customers.

Predictable Revenue

With a subscription business your monthly income is very predictable unlike business who sell a one time purchase product.

Semi Passive Income

With all the hosting & software updates are done for you, your income can be semi-passive to fully passive.

Flexible Lifestyle

Since your product is online, you can work from anywhere in the world and whenever you want. No more 9-5 work.

Large Range of Payment Provider Options for Your White Label CRM

Take both Offline & Online payments with a host of Payment Processor choices

Ready to Launch Your Own White Label CRM Software Business?

Join the thousands of online Entrepreneurs enjoying the lifestyle in running their own online software business.

White Label CRM Testimonials

Client Feedback & Reviews

High Demand Software

Fully Responsive

Access your White Label CRM from your Computer, iPad or Smart Phone.

Regardless of whether you’re in your office or out on the road, you’ll always be able to access your valuable information.

Software Entrepreneur

Your Own Software App... But No Tech Skills Needed.

You don’t need any technical knowledge. We host your White Label CRM software, apply ongoing updates & manage your software all for you.

Software Developed For You

No need to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a development team to develop your own software. Choose from one of our software apps and make it your own.

Ongoing Updates

Your software app will be updated regularly. We'll automatically apply all your updates leaving you to focus on marketing your business.

Scalable Resources

Your server is capable of a lot of subscribers. How many depends on the app you're using and how many resources are being used. But as your subscriber base grows, your server is also scalable so you can continue to attract an ongoing base of subscribers.

Virtually Unlimited Income

What are your income goals? $10k, 50k, 100k, 250k a month... or more? Simply keep marketing your product and continue to attract new subscribers.

Want to generate even more income from your customer base? Add another software app top your business.

White Label CRM Software on Your Custom Domain...

Just $197 a Month

Plus once off $695 Setup

Launch Your White Label CRM Software

Break Even with Just 2 – 7 Subscribers!

Frequently Asked Questions

More Information About Your Own White Label CRM

How long does it take for my software to go live?

From the time you order... if you have your domain name registered it will be live within 7 days.

Do I need a Sales Landing Page?

Yes, we recommend getting a good Sales Landing created to promote your white label crm site. You can use any platform of your choice and simply link it to your software. You will receive several Landing Page templates that you can use as a base and modify for your own custom look.

What are the costs involved?

It's just $197 a month plus a once off $695 set up fee where we set up your site under your domain name, your logo and colors.

Are there any lock in contracts?

There are no lock in contracts or minimum terms. You are free to cancel at any time.

How many subscribers do I need to make money?

You can break even with between 2 to 7 subscribers. Above that it's your monthly profit.

Can I get custom features added?

Yes, we can quote you on any custom work you would like added to your software.