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Take a Look at What Your Software Suite Can Do...

Imagine receiving from $29, $49 to $97 every month per subscriber. 

Example: $49 per month, 1,000 subscribers... that's $49,000 a month!

White Label CRM Software

Enjoy The Lifestyle of an Online Software Entrepreneur...

This is real life freedom. Work from wherever you want, whenever you want with your very own online software business.

Recurring Revenue

Don't waste your time marketing single sale products. With Fusion Suite you get monthly recurring & ongoing income

Automatic Billing

Fusion Suite automatically handles all your monthly subscriber billing. You just watch the money rolling in month in, month out.

Low Entry Investment

Get started for just $197 a month plus a once off set up of $997. We'll hand you your system that's ready to attract new subscribers.

Low Breakeven Point

You can break even with just 2 to 7 monthly subscribers, depending on your pricing levels... after that it's all profit!

High Profit Margin

What's the difference between having 10, 100 or 1,000 subscribers? Your monthly cost is still just $197 a month.

Global Market

Your subscribers can select from 27 different languages. With a global market you'll never run out of potential customers.

Predictable Revenue

With a subscription business your monthly income is very predictable unlike business who sell a one time purchase product.

Semi Passive Income

With all the hosting & software updates are done for you, your income can be semi-passive to fully passive.

Flexible Lifestyle

Since your product is online, you can work from anywhere in the world and whenever you want. No more 9-5 work.

White Label CRM & Project
Management Software

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